The Carrollton Police Department is partnering with Flock Safety in a new initiative to help solve and eliminate crime in our community. Our relationship with Flock Safety started in 2019 when purchased Advanced License Plate Readers. Soon after the first ALPR was installed, we began solving crimes. Since then, we have been able to solve a multitude of crimes from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. Flock Safety has been used to solve a child abduction and locate missing people with dementia.

We are now asking you to join us to keep our community safe. With our latest initiative with Flock, we are asking you to register or share your cameras with us. If you choose to register your cameras with us, the Carrollton Police Department will know exactly where to go and who to speak with to so that we can quickly find video footage to help identify suspects, suspect vehicles, and maybe even view the crime as it happened. With your cooperation, we will not have to go door to door asking if cameras are available, we will instantly know where we need to go and who we need to see. This will greatly save on the time we spend looking for video and will help us solve crimes quicker. Additionally, you will be contacted by a Carrollton Police officer so that your camera can be viewed and it will not be lived streamed.

If you choose to integrate/share your camera with us, this will give us direct access to your camera feed in case of an emergency near your location. This will help us view incidents as they are happening or shortly after they occur. This will help our officers be safer because they will know exactly what situation they are heading into. Also, with the Carrollton Police Department having direct access to your camera, we can often instantaneously locate suspects and suspect vehicles. Once we identify suspects and/or suspect vehicles, officers can quickly relay the information to other officers and agencies.

In closing, we want to share the Carrollton Police Department’s mission statement:

“To provide the public with driven professionals who partner with the citizens in creating a safe and responsible community.”

Thank you for partnering with us to keep our citizens and community safe!